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    Vinyl Remover VR15

    Vinyl Remover VR15

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    The Vinyl Remover VR15 can save you up to 70% of your time stripping vinyl.

  • VR15 magnet adaptorVR15 magnet adaptor close up

    Flatbed adapter

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    Magnet adaptor for Rolls Roller and other flatbed laminators.

  • Vinyl remover VR15 MediaRoller new

    Media roller

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    Media Roller kit for easy mounting on the back of your Vinyl Remover. Holds your roll.

  • Table stand

    Table stand

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  • Steel adaptor

    Steel Adaptor

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    This is an add on for your Flatbed Adaptor. You will need this if you have a RollsRoller Basic, Entry, Light or Traffic. You don’t need it for RollsRoller Regular and Premium.

  • MediaCounter

    Media Counter

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    With the Media Counter, a VR15 user can measure length on rolls. It’s easy to mount and demount. You can control how many cm/m left on a roll, or use it to unwind a specific length.

  • Sales display for showroom for the vinyl remover vr15


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    With this sales display, you can show all 3 sizes of VR15 in your showroom. There’s room for 3 x VR15, so you can show 85cm, 143cm and 170cm on this DemoWall. It has wheels so you can easily move it around for showcasing.

  • flightcase


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    From our distributor in Holland we now have this great FlightCase. It’s perfect for the VR15-85 so you can have it in your car, when going out for demos at customers.

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